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Driving Modification

Hand Controls

Reben hand controls have been manufactured locally since 1989, and are Australian standards certified (AS3954.1/1991) and (AS3954.2/1991)

Left Foot Accelerators

We can fit electronic or manual left foot accelerators depending on your preference. We can even make them flip-up out of the way when not in use...

Spinner Knob

Reben Mobility can manufacture and supply various types of steering wheel spinner knobs to suit all different requirements, including “door-knob” styled, mono-pin & tri-pin, to mention just a few.

Indicator Options

Is the indicator lever operated from the wrong side to suit you? Or do you find it difficult to reach? We can custom fabricate an indicator extension, install electronic indicators or even fit bump-switches in the headrest to make for easier operation..

Automated Clutch and Pedal Extensions

If you find it difficult to reach the vehicle's pedals to safely operate them, you may need a set of removable pedal extensions. We can fit a custom set to suit most vehicles.


Personal Transfer

Going on a Sunday drive or attending your appointments is now made easier. Simple transfer solutions from wheelchair to the vehicle seat make day to day activities stress free.

Chair & Scooter Transport

Solutions to your Chair or Scooter, Lifting & Storing problems - get your Equipment Transfer needs here.

Harnesses & Restraints

Wheelchair, Occupant and Child Restraints

We offer a range of Wheelchair & Occupant Restraints, certified to Australian Standards, that allow safe travel for you and your equipment.

Postural/Behavioural Restraints

Reben can supply and fit various personal harnesses for postural support or even behavioural issues.

Vehicle Hire

Late model Kia carnival with rear wheelchair access available
approx mid 2020 for short & long term hire.

Specialised Driver Training

New and returning drivers supported with customised lessons to suit individual needs. Various vehicle modifications available (if required)

Train to Get Back Safely on the Road