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Person Transfer

Personal Tip-Up Transfer Plates

A personal transfer plate can be fitted to many vehicles. There are a couple of options for this - electric and fixed manual.

With the manual option, the transfer plate is set at a fixed height. It is simply a matter of putting the plate into the corresponding mount on the vehicle, sliding onto it and then transferring onto the seat.

With the electric option,you can simply lower the transfer plate to a downward position, slide onto it and then, with the push of a button, raise the plate to seat level. These are well suited to higher ground clearance vehicles, for example, 4wd type.

  • Manual (Fixed) Tip Up plate Locked in place
    Manual (Fixed) Tip Up plate Locked in place
  • Removing Manual Plate
    Removing Manual Plate
  • Electric Tip up Plate and Wheelchair Height Seat Level
    Electric Tip up Plate and Wheelchair Height Seat Level
  • Electric Tip Up Plate at vehicle seat height
    Electric Tip Up Plate at vehicle seat height Plate lifts you UP to the driver’s

    Turning and lowering seats

    swivel seat partially outside the car
    swivel seat in action
    swivel seat entering the car
    swivel seat installed inside the car

    Swivel Seat

    The swivel type seat can make entry and exit of the vehicle a much less strenuous activity. The manual swivel seat is released and can be pivoted forward and out (left or right) so that it slightly exits the vehicle, giving more room to sit into the seat. Once seated, the seat can then be returned to its normal position in the vehicle.

    Turny Evo Seat

    Turny Evo Seat

    The Electric version works in the same manner but all with the push of a button (the electric turn out seats can also extend further from the vehicle and drop down lower, this is ideal for higher ground clearance vehicles.

    Personal transfer hoist main arm

    Personal Transfer Hoist

    A removable transfer hoist can be fitted to many vehicles. With the aid of a carer, this enables an easy lift with a sling & transfer from a wheelchair to the vehicle’s seat.

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    There are also available personal lifts specially designed to help in the loading and unloading of persons who would normally require a lot of extra assistance and physical exertion to be transferred from a wheel chair to a comfortably seated position in the vehicle.

    A comfortable, specially designed sling is put around the person to be transferred. The lifting arm is then connected to the sling, The person can then be lifted by using the corded remote, transferred and reseated into the vehicle, all with ease and comfort.

    Carrot 3000 seat

    This special needs booster system for children and teenagers provides support for users requiring postural and/or behavioural needs. It has various kinds of extension accessories and multi-adjustable features to allow for safe and supported travel. With features like angle and depth adjustable seat and backrest, various cushions and pads and ergonomic head support this seating system can be customised to suit a range of needs including persons with autism and cerebral palsy. Anti-escape restraints are also available if recommended and approved by a therapist. This system has a swivel function(suitable for vehicles with ISOfix secure points only) to allow for easier transition into the vehicle. This system is suitable for ages 3-15 years and 15-36KGS.

    • Carrot Swivel Base
    • Carrot 3000 Seat
    • Carrot Xl
    • Slide Out step

    Slide Out Steps And Grab Bars

    Compact manual folding steps or fully automatic slide out steps are a great addition to enable a safer entry and exit of a vehicle. We can also fit fixed and folding handrails and grab rails as an added safety feature.

    Handy Bar

    This is a portable support handle to assist with getting in and out of the vehicle. Includes window breaker and seatbelt cutter.

    • Man holding a handy bar
    • Handy Bar Product Model

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