Automated Clutch & Pedal Extensions

Automatic Clutch System

Automatic Clutch System

Do you have difficulty using your clutch pedal? Did you know that your vehicle can be modified so that the clutch pedal can be operated automatically?

We can fit a system that is electrically operated by a lever that is fixed to the gear-stick… The clutch pedal will disengage in proportion to the amount that the lever is pulled, and will then engage in proportion that the lever is released.

Pedal Extensions

For people of short stature, finding a vehicle that is comfortable to get in to, let alone try to operate the brake and accelerator pedals is not easy. We can help you with one of these problems with a set of custom pedal extensions.

Pedal extensions can be removed to allow others to drive your vehicle. Depending on the length of extensions required, a removable raised false floor-plate can also be fabricated to allow a place to rest your feet.

  • Pedal Extension
  • Mini Pedal Extension

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