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Postural / Behavioural Restraints

The Careva postural belt system

A positioning belt system available in small, medium and large.

The Careva postural belts are very helpful if you need extra support when seated in a vehicle seat or in a wheelchair. It provides a correct seating position to allow a safe use of the safety belt.

The belt system comprises a spinal belt which is fastened vertically over the backrest. The postural belt is then installed in the grooves of the spinal belt.

Remember that when in a vehicle you should always use the Careva postural belt system together with the vehicles standard seat belt.

careva postural belt with spinal support
careva postural belt system with chest support

Houdini Seat

Postural & Behavioural Harnesses

Vehicle positioning harnesses can support children and adults with behavioural and postural needs. For those who like to “escape” from a harness, we can upgrade the buckles to a ‘pen-release” to alleviate this problem.

Seat Belt Buckle Cover

Seat Belt Buckle Cover

The seat Belt Buckle Cover is used to prevent the passenger from undoing their vehicle seat belt buckle. These must be prescribed by an OT and are often combined with a behavioural harness.

Seat Belt Reacher

Seat Belt Reacher

Having difficulty reaching the seatbelt? This product is designed for persons with reduced mobility to access the seat belt with less twisting and strain. They are easy to attach to any seatbelt.

Seat Belt Extension

Seat Belt Extension

If you have problems trying to clip in the seat belt, whether it’s a mobility issue or the latch is too low to grasp, a seat belt extension can be used. These extensions are available in various lengths.

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