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Hand Controls

Reben hand controls have been manufactured locally since 1989, and are Australian standards certified (AS3954.1/1991) and (AS3954.2/1991)

The Push / Pat hand control

is designed to apply brakes when the hand-piece is pushed towards the dash, and the accelerator is operated when the hand-piece is moved in an arc downward. With the Push / Pat control, the accelerator can be applied along with the brake – this makes it well suited for towing and hill starts, as well as day to day driving.

This control can also be set up for left side operation and even an upward arc of the hand-piece to apply the accelerator if required. This type of control is well suited to most early and late-model vehicles.

push pat conrol reben modification
Push/Pat Control

The Push / Pull Hand Control

The Push / Pull type of hand control is utilized the same braking operation as the Push / Pat control, (push towards the dash to apply brakes) however to accelerate, the handpiece is pulled back, towards the driver. These controls can be set-up for Right side or Left side operation.

Push/Pull control modification
Push/Pull control modification

Fadiel Electronic
Accelerator Systems

A Fadiel brake only hand control in conjunction with an electronically operated accelerator, can be fitted to most vehicles and still allow for full function of the knee airbag. To apply the brakes, the handpiece is pushed towards the dash, but acceleration can be done by way of several different electronic options.

  1. By use of a satellite control (corded or wireless). This fits comfortably over your left or right hand and is operated by moving a spring-loaded thumb switch forwards to accelerate.
  2. By use of a finger-operated "trigger" styled switch mounted integrally on the hand control handpiece.
  3. By use of an under ring mounted onto the steering wheel.
trigger accelerator modification
Trigger Accelerator
under ring modification
Under Ring Accelerator
Corded Satellite Control
Corded Satellite Control
Cordless Satellite Control on Hand
Cordless Satellite Control

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