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Specialised Driver Training

We are a fully accredited driving School

For us, the journey back to freedom is one we take seriously. Specialised driving lessons are available for new and returning drivers with varied physical and cognitive disabilities including Autism, spinal injury, amputees, stroke, short stature, acquired brain injury.

We give you the confidence to take on the open roads with our professional and experienced driver instruction.

All driving lessons are customised to suit new or returning drivers following assessment with a Driver Trained Occupational Therapist (DTOT). This ensures lessons are tailored to your individual needs.

Toyota Rukus demonstration car of Reben

Our dual controlled automatic vehicle caters for a wide range of needs with modifications including:

  • Hand Controls - Push Pat and Fadiel Combined Brake & Accelerator
  • Left Foot Accelerator
  • Short Stature Pedals
  • Spinner Knobs - wide variety of styles including versions with electronic functions for indicators, wipers etc
  • Indicator extensions (including electronic variations o spinner knobs and hand controls)
  • Voice Command (for auxiliary functions)
  • Wide view and panoramic mirrors

We Are a Registered
NDIS Provider

Reben Mobility is registered with NDIS, NIISQ and Workcover

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