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Indicator Options

Is the indicator lever operated from the wrong side to suit you? Or do you find it difficult to reach? An indicator extension can transfer the indicator operation to the opposite side of the steering wheel and make it easier and safer to operate.

Extended indicator to right
Extended indicator to right
extended indicator modification
Extended indicator

Electronic Indicator

Toggle switch for hand control

Hand Control Toggle Switch

This indicator system can be operated by way of a Toggle Switch conveniently located on the hand control to suit the driver. This makes indication safe, especially on roundabouts

Voice command installed over dashboard

Voice Command

Voice Command is a great option for those with limited dexterity. Specific prompts will automatically operate indicators (& extra functions - lights, wipers horn etc if required)

wireless keypad spinner installed in the steering wheel

Wireless Keypad Spinner

This system has an ergonomic "Lollipop" grip which allows access to indicators (& wipers, high beam, horn, etc) with your thumb. These functions can be accessed without removing your hand from the spinner

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