Left Foot Accelerator

Removable Left Foot Accelerator

Removable Left Foot Operated Accelerators can be supplied and fitted to almost all models of light vehicles.
These accelerators allow for the operation of the accelerator by way of an accelerator pedal mounted on the LH side of the brake pedal.

Left foot accelerator silver step pedals
Left Foot Accelerator
Left foot accelerator baseplate
Left Foot Accelerator Baseplate

Electronic Left Foot Accelerator

Another accelerator pedal can be fitted on the LH side of the brake pedal. This accelerator can be turned on and off as required. NOTE - Only one accelerator pedal can be operated at any one time (i.e. - if the RH pedal is active, the LH pedal is INACTIVE, and if the LH pedal is active, the RH pedal is INACTIVE)

Electronic Left Foot Accelerator
Electronic Left Foot Accelerator

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